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The ter-teran is a tradition of a fire that uses a prokpak / bobok torch (a dried coconut leaf tied), containing theological meaning, which can drive evil spirits or bhuta back to sea or to its natural | Desa Pakraman Jasri, Karangasem.


Aci Usaba Dangsil.

Usaba Dangsil uses banten that is strung together and equipped with leaves, traditional snacks and offerings and is made up of stilts such as meru (mountain) as a form of devotion to Ida Sanghyang Widhi (God) so that he is always given the welfare and prosperity of his people in the world with abundant produce.| Desa Pakraman Bungaya, Karangasem.


Sanghyang Jaran.

Sanghyang Jaran dance takes place when a number of male dancers are unconscious in possession of horse spirits. They ran while stepping on or playing coals with their legs and bare hands. Although the embers were very hot, none of the dancers suffered burns. This dance is believed to be able to reject various types of evil spirits to epidemics.| Desa Pakraman Bugbug, Karangasem.


Ngayunan Damar.

This "tradition of ngayunan damar" used in this procession is a swing of ancestral heritage that should not be carelessly played. Once installed, the swing must be grounded first.| Desa Tenganan Pegringsingan, Karangasem.



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